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Conscious Uncoupling is a divorce or separation good practice based upon the works of Katherine Woodward Thomas, who wrote the internationally bestselling book “Conscious Uncoupling:

5 Steps to Living Happily Ever After

A quick breakdown of the 5 Steps of Conscious Uncoupling are:

Find emotional freedom: You will learn how to redirect your negative, destructive emotions, like anger and sorrow, into positive, constructive emotions.
Reclaim your power and your life: You will rediscover what you feel you have lost due to your separation and find out you still have it within you.
Break the pattern, heal your heart: You will take a closer look at the origin of your separation, see if it has prevented you from enjoying past relationships, and awaken to the possibility of consciously avoiding it in the future.
Become a love alchemist: You will accept that you have the power to spread love and positivity on your own, both for your betterment and that of those around you.
Create your happily-even-after life: You will get the first stepping stones to build the future you want to live in, even after your marriage has ended unexpectedly.

The overall concept of Conscious Uncoupling that you understand and use is that emotional wounds do not heal with time, but only with conscious effort.

When you know you have the power to heal yourself, you can make it happen. If you are a parent who has undergone a divorce, the sooner you begin down this path of emotional recovery, the better, as there might be collateral emotions damaging your child’s happiness as well. Remember: you deserve to love, be loved, and never repeat the same relationship mistakes again.

No matter where you are in your breakup or divorce process, you can benefit from Conscious Uncoupling guidance. Depending on how well you respond to the teachings of this 5-step separation system, you might even find yourself more open to mediation or collaborative divorce due to your newfound confidence in the future, which in turn can save you money due to reaching a quicker resolution for your case.

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Griffith Counselling

Donna Piromalli has been in private practice for approx. 6 years, helping individuals, couples and families.

She has extensive experience in couple and family therapy and is considered a specialist in these areas.

In her practice, she has helped people deal with complex trauma, affairs, complex mental health issues, adolescent behavioural problems behavioural issues in young children which are impacting parents and families, relationship issues and post-separation work.