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Frequently Asked Questions

Acknowledging the 10 stages of relationships can open the door to communication & understanding the different perceptions we experience in our relationships. Each person is encouraged to identify their own needs (sometimes people are not aware of what these are). 
Going back & identifying unresolved issues, dealing with them can open the door to clear communication being heard & valued. It then becomes possible to realise shared goals & values with a bright future.

We support you to find your passion in life, explore what your purpose may be, and the direction you would like your life to go in creating ‘new beginnings’ offering you an opportunity to establish achievable goals and new pathways to achieve success.

We provide counselling for: relationship training, separation & divorce, grief & loss, businesses workplace issues, self- esteem, self-worth, depression, anxiety, stress, anger, trauma, bullying, fear, panic attacks, critical incident debriefing and EAP counselling.

We provide counselling for children through to seniors. 

Yes, we work with individuals as well as couples and families.

Yes, we are fully licensed.

Yes, we provide confidence building and parenting training programs for: parents, single parents, grieving parents, blended family parents, step parents.

Everything that is discussed during your sessions is strictly confidential. Any notes are stored privately and securely. Under Australian law, if at any stage of a client’s contact with the practice, the possibility of life threatening risks emerges, some details would be released to relevant professionals, always in your presence. Saving life is paramount while confidentiality is assured.

Our Counselling Services

Couples and Family


At The Counselling, Mediation & Relationship Centre, we recognize and know exactly how to deal with pain in a relationship and we have the professional tools to do it. We can help you regain closeness, passion, fun and get back that feeling of being ‘in love’.

Counselling can help a couple to:

Counsellors don’t make judgements on who is right or wrong; they don’t tell clients what to do; and they don’t try to persuade people to stay together or to separate.

You’ll get tools and strategies to break destructive patterns, deal with old resentments and move towards a more supportive and intimate relationship. You will discover new ways to communicate and that will help you communicate more effectively with your partner, children, friends and colleagues.

Through couples relationship training we will work with you in a safe and constructive manner, so you both get to say what’s really going on for you.

If breaking up is what you need, we can help you identify and manage the process to minimise damage and help you heal and move on.

Couples and Family


Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) offers MEDIATION services that help couples affected by separation and divorce to resolve their parenting and property dispute.

Mediation is a structured problem solving process designed to assist parties to make independent decisions.

With the assistance of the mediator, parties identify the relevant issues in dispute, and explore options with a view to negotiating a mutually agreed outcome.

FDR is not only about resolving conflict it can help prevent conflict. If you know you will need to negotiate arrangements, especially as children grow and routines change, you can arrange to discuss this at FDR.

FDR is available not only for parents but also for grandparents or other family members who wish to make arrangements to have contact in the family.

We can help you identify what’s causing your unhappiness- so you feel at can understand it. Then we can give you strategies to deal with it. Practical, realistic strategies that give you some control.

We’ll provide feedback and insights on anything that might be holding you back, such as patterns or influences you no longer need.