Business Coaching

What is Coaching?

A confidential dialogue between a qualified coach and a client where the coach supports the client in becoming more expert in their own life. This outcome is achieved through the skilled use of questioning and specific goal setting, which the client commits too. The coaching relationship created provides a safe space where the client can use the coach as a sounding board for issues or proposed actions and the coach can challenge and provoke new ways of thinking or being by the client which add value in their professional and private lives.

Coaching involves one hour sessions focused around empowering you to create your vision in a range of life areas including health, personal development, sport and career.

Donna specialises in the areas of resilience, self-care and personal development coaching. Donna is an experienced motivational interviewer who use a future focused process of inquiry and personal discovery to assist clients in building their own levels of self-awareness and responsibility leading to a speedier achievement of action oriented goals.

Personal Development Coaching

Personal and career  development through coaching assists people to clarify purpose, self belief and increase self confidence by identifying and breaking down barriers to growth and success. Based on a collaborative approach, coaching will assist you to ignite your potential as you build on existing skills, identify new strategies and abilities and maximize your strengths to reach new levels of achievement, satisfaction and balance in life.

Coaching may help you…

Leadership Development

Leadership development aims to create of an organisation-wide supportive culture of networks and a tailored set of tools for ongoing self-coaching.

Our Leadership development plan aims to create and  facilitate leadership development programs that generate valuable insights and work to transform those insights into stellar leadership skills within your teams.

The Coaching Leadership effective leadership plans are based on an in-depth process, specific to your organisation. Identifying your key strengths, we leverage and maximise them as the core driver for your solution. By running tailored facilitated sessions for both individuals and teams, we unlock the true potential of your people and build a sustainable culture of performance.

We have been helping clients develop their leadership capacity and capital for years and understand the importance of supplying leaders with the practical skills and knowledge to support their journey to success. Our experience has shown us that there is no one personality that’s more likely to become a leader than another.

Developing leadership is all about tracking, controlling and mastering self awareness, confident decision-making and action.
Coaching Leadership will help enhance leadership at all levels: from senior managers all the way to entry level talent. Our approach is flexible and tailored to your business needs as we aim to develop proactive, innovative leaders who will drive your overall performance and profit.

Our mission is to empower leaders to excel and influence their people to achieve ever higher goals. And we always focus on success that can be measured.

Think about it, the best leaders may already in your business. By developing enhanced skills and behaviours, you can effectively deliver results, promote change and create meaning.