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Conflict between staff takes a toll on individuals, teams and the workplace. It can cause untold stress, inability to work together, polarization of staff, a disruption of the workplace and possible termination. It creates an unhealthy work environment.
Facilitated conversations and/or mediation by The Mediation Experts can assist with the rebuilding of trust, communication and cooperation to re-establish working relationships, job satisfaction and security to re-establish working relationships, job satsifaction and security.

What Facilitated Conversations The Mediation Experts Can Address

Facilitated Conversations are an early, informal way to prevent the escalation of conflict and save the organization time and money. This is a process whereby The Mediation Experts facilitates productive conversations between management, staff and others to help them to identify issues, interests and needs and provide a positive focus for the future working relationship in a non-adversarial, respectful, calm, cooperative and balanced way. Finding positive strategies for outcomes are the goals of the Facilitated Conversations.

What Mediation By The Mediation Experts Can Address

Mediation brings people together to discuss issues in an informal, non-adversarial and respectful way. The parties are given the opportunity to address their concerns, needs and issues. The Mediation Experts assists the parties to identify and clarify their issues, explore the conflict and causes, generate new options and work together so that the parties can jointly reach resolution.

Commercial and Business Disputes


Commercial and business disputes arise where there is a business relationship that has gone awry. The effect of the dispute can affect morale and productivity and can cause loss of enormous amounts of time, energy and resources. Business relationships can be irrevocably destroyed. Litigation can be prolonged and expensive and fail to reach a timely and fair result.

How The Mediation Experts Can Address Commercial and Business Disputes

Mediation brings parties together to discuss issues in a non-adversarial, respectful way and to explore the underlying causes of the dispute, clarify the business goals of the parties, explore options around the issues, foster better communication and find positive strategies for outcomes whether it is to working on creating mutual benefit of the relationship or resolving the matter in a mutually constructive way. The parties are given the opportunity to address issues of conflict that have arisen in a safe, comfortable setting. The mediation process provides the parties with an opportunity to reflect why they were doing business in the first place and where they want to go in either a further business relationship or a constructive termination of the relationship.

Our Counselling Services

Couples and Family


At The Counselling, Mediation & Relationship Centre, we recognize and know exactly how to deal with pain in a relationship and we have the professional tools to do it. We can help you regain closeness, passion, fun and get back that feeling of being ‘in love’.

Counselling can help a couple to:

Counsellors don’t make judgements on who is right or wrong; they don’t tell clients what to do; and they don’t try to persuade people to stay together or to separate.

You’ll get tools and strategies to break destructive patterns, deal with old resentments and move towards a more supportive and intimate relationship. You will discover new ways to communicate and that will help you communicate more effectively with your partner, children, friends and colleagues.

Through couples relationship training we will work with you in a safe and constructive manner, so you both get to say what’s really going on for you.

If breaking up is what you need, we can help you identify and manage the process to minimise damage and help you heal and move on.

Couples and Family


Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) offers MEDIATION services that help couples affected by separation and divorce to resolve their parenting and property dispute.

Mediation is a structured problem solving process designed to assist parties to make independent decisions.

With the assistance of the mediator, parties identify the relevant issues in dispute, and explore options with a view to negotiating a mutually agreed outcome.

FDR is not only about resolving conflict it can help prevent conflict. If you know you will need to negotiate arrangements, especially as children grow and routines change, you can arrange to discuss this at FDR.

FDR is available not only for parents but also for grandparents or other family members who wish to make arrangements to have contact in the family.

We can help you identify what’s causing your unhappiness- so you feel at can understand it. Then we can give you strategies to deal with it. Practical, realistic strategies that give you some control.

We’ll provide feedback and insights on anything that might be holding you back, such as patterns or influences you no longer need.